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European CommissionBundesministerium für Bildung und FrauenSozialministerium

Research Project Supported by the European Commission, the BMBF and BMASK

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Elisabeth Udl has a master's degree in German and French Philology from the University of Graz and a diploma for Therapeutic Riding. She has been working in the field of therapeutic riding for children, youth and adults with disabilities since 2000. Since 2006, she is the managing director of the association Ninlil – „Gegen sexuelle Gewalt an Frauen mit Lernschwierigkeiten oder Mehrfachbehinderung“ (Against sexual violence against women with learning and multiple disabilities). She has in depth practical experience in counselling women with disabilities who experienced/ experience violence as well as theoretical knowledge on the topic of violence against women and women with disabilities and is represented in various networks and round tables concerning the topic.

All Broshures can be ordered on the NINLIL Website.