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European CommissionBundesministerium für Bildung und FrauenSozialministerium

Research Project Supported by the European Commission, the BMBF and BMASK

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Project team

Project lead
Sabine Mandl Sabine Mandl is a political scientist and has been working in the field of human rights with a focus on women’s rights for more than 10 years. After establishing and managing the Center for Political Education "polis", she concentrated on scientific research as well as on the development... Read full bio
Claudia Sprenger Claudia Sprenger holds a master's degree in science of education and disability studies. She has a longstanding experience as program and project manager in national and international aid agencies. She has been working at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM) for five years,... Read full bio
Julia Planitzer Julia Planitzer studied law at the University of Vienna and has been working as researcher at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM) since 2008. Her research focuses on the implementation of the human rights-based approach, women’s rights and trafficking in human beings especially in... Read full bio
Katharina Erhart Katharina Erhart has been working at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights since February 2012 and is completing her apprenticeship as office administrator. Her tasks include supporting the administrative office, e.g. office organization, answering phone enquiries, assistance in staff... Read full bio
Martin Neubauer Martin Neubauer holds a degree in Political Science (University of Vienna) and in International Politics and Security Studies (University of Bradford). For many years he has been working in the field of human rights, migration and refugee issues, but is also experienced in project administration,... Read full bio
Austrian Partners
Elisabeth Udl Elisabeth Udl holds a master's degree in German and French Philology from the University of Graz and a diploma for Therapeutic Riding. She has been working in the field of therapeutic riding for children, youth and adults with disabilities since 2000. Since 2006, she has been the managing... Read full bio
Anna Schachner Anna Schachner works for queraum. cultural and social research as a researcher. She has a master's degree in Educational Science (with a focus on disability studies and further education) and a bachelor's degree in Sociology. Her work includes projects on the inclusion and social... Read full bio
Oliver König Oliver König is a senior scientist at "queraum. cultural and social research" and a lecturer at the universities of Vienna and Innsbruck with a scientific background in Education and Inclusive Education (Masters and Doctoral Level). His research focus and his publications revolve around... Read full bio
European Partners
Monika Schröttle Monika Schröttle has a background in political science and interdisciplinary violence research in women´s and gender studies. She focuses on the empirical analysis of violence in gender relations. Her doctoral thesis at the University of Giessen focused on the relationships between politics and... Read full bio
Kathrin Vogt Kathrin Vogt has a background in pedagogics and interdisciplinary violence research in women´s and gender studies. She was working at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Women´s and Gender Studies of the University of Bielefeld from 2011 – 2013. Here she supported different national as well as... Read full bio
Sonali Shah Sonali Shah is Senior Research Fellow at Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research at Glasgow University. She was previously a Research Fellow at the Centre for Disability Studies, University of Leeds. Her research adopts different qualitative methodologies to examine the impact of public policy... Read full bio
Sarah Woodin Sarah Woodin is a Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, is Co-Investigator for the UK component of this Daphne lll project and manages the University of Leeds' research responsibilities in the UK partnership agreement. Her research concerns disability and independent living in its... Read full bio
Rannveig Traustadóttir Rannveig Traustadóttir is Professor and Director of the Centre for Disability Studies in the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the University of Iceland. She holds a PhD in Disability Studies and a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies. She has a long standing experience in research in the... Read full bio
Hrafnhildur Snæfríðar- og Gunnarsdóttir Hrafnhildur Snæfríðar- og Gunnarsdóttir holds a Master degree in Gender Studies and diplomas in sociology and social science research methods as well as a Bachelor degree in science in nursing. She is working in the Centre for Disability Studies and The Social Science Research Institute and... Read full bio
Advisory group members Germany
Rebecca Maskos Rebecca Maskos is a freelance journalist, psychologist, founding member of the AG Disability Studies Deutschland and a referent for Disability Studies. In addition, Maskos is project assistant for a project of the Federal Association of women’s advice centers and helplines ("Bundesverband... Read full bio
Patricia Schneider Patricia Schneider is a pedagogue and mediator. She is also the co-founder and managing director of the Berlin initiative to combat violence against women ("Berliner Initiative gegen Gewalt an Frauen").
Sabine Fries Sabine Fries is scientist and sign language lecturer at the Humboldt University in Berlin, board member of the Society of Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf Association ("Gesellschaft für Gebärdensprache und Kommunikation Gehörloser e.V.") and member of the board of the German... Read full bio
Rita Schroll Rita Schroll directs the Hessian coordination office for disabled women ("Hessische Koordinationsbüro für behinderte Frauen") and is coordinator of the Hessian network of women with disabilities ("Hessisches Netzwerk behinderter Frauen").
Sandra Schleicher Sandra Schleicher is an employee at the association for women's shelter coordination ("Frauenhauskoordinierung e.V.").
Brigitte Faber Brigitte Faber works at "Weibernetz", the federal network of women, lesbians and girls with disabilities ("Bundesnetzwerk von FrauenLesben und Mädchen mit Beeinträchtigung").
Martina Puschke Martina Puschke works at "Weibernetz", the federal network of women, lesbians and girls with disabilities ("Bundesnetzwerk von FrauenLesben und Mädchen mit Beeinträchtigung".
Advisory group members Great Britain
Susie Balderston Susie Balderston is a researcher at Lancaster University and co-founder of the non-profit organisation Vision Sense, that supports independent living and delivers services such as trainings, consultations, evaluations, accessible information, inclusive design, and much more.
Mridul Wadhwa Mridul Wadhwa is the Information and Education officer at Shakti Women's Aid, the training and volunteer co-ordinator at Rape Crisis Scotland and an Associate at the college of policing, England and Wales.
Marilyn Howard Marilyn Howard is policy and research officer at Women's Aid, focusing on exploring survivors' needs. Her previous experience includes policy-making in the Department for Work and Pensions and the Disability Rights Commission, and research and evaluation for government, voluntary sector... Read full bio
Advisory group members Iceland
Freyja Haraldsdóttir Freyja Haraldsdóttir is a social pedagogue, lecturer and one of Iceland's leading disability and human rights activists. In 2010 she served on the constitutional council and was elected to update the Icelandic constitution. Currently she is deputy Member of Parliament for the Bright Future... Read full bio
Þorbera Fjölnisdóttir Þorbera Fjölnisdóttir works as an advisor for the largest umbrella organization of disabled people in Iceland and is a board member of its women’s group, which is the only disabled women’s group in Iceland.
Embla Guðrúnar Ágústsdóttir Embla Guðrúnar Ágústsdóttir has a background in Sociology and Gender Studies. She is co-founder of the organisation Tabú and has experience in hosting workshops for young disabled people.
Jarþrúður Þórhallsdóttir Jarþrúður Þórhallsdóttir has worked as a Rights Protection Officer (RPO) for disable people. Disabled people who feel like they have been wronged or violated in any way seek the support of the RPOs, including women who have been subject to any form of violence. Jarþrúður Þórhallsdóttir was one of... Read full bio
Helga Baldvins og Bjargardóttir Helga Baldvinsdóttir Bjargardóttir has an educational background in social pedagogue, law and disability studies. She has been focusing on the human rights of person with disabilities and has given lessons and lectures about the CRPD. She worked briefly as a Rights Protection Officer (RPO) but is... Read full bio
Advisory group members Austria
Kordula Kastner Kordula Kastner is a certified social worker, psychotherapist in training under supervision and co-worker at an association for raped women and girls called "Notruf. Beratung für vergewaltigte Frauen und Mädchen".
Maria Schwarz-Schlöglmann Since its foundation in 1998 Maria Schwarz-Schlöglmann has been the managing director of the Violence Protection Center of Upper Austria and is a licensed social worker, lawyer and psychotherapist. The violence protection centers and the Vienna Intervention Centre against Violence in the family are... Read full bio
Helene Jarmer Helene Jarmer worked as a teacher for deaf children in secondary and special schools, as well as a lecturer at various austrian universities. She is currently president of the Austrian Deaf Federation ("Österreichischer Gehörlosenbund"), director of the service center "ÖGS.... Read full bio
Elisabeth Löffler Elisabeth Löffler is a wheelchair user, feminist, performance artist and a trained life coach and social counselor, who lives with her daughter and personal assistance in Vienna. Together with Ninlil and Marinela Večeri, the current director of "Zeitlupe - peer counseling for women with... Read full bio
Gabi Plattner Gabi Plattner has a background in Educational Science. She is managing director and head of the Tyrolean women's shelter for abused women and children ("Tiroler Frauenhaus für misshandelte Frauen und Kinder") and deputy chairwoman of the umbrella organisation Autonomous Austrian... Read full bio
Maria Grundner Maria Grundner is advocating for architectural accessibility. She works at the Mobility Agency Vienna and tries to pass on her knowledge through publications and professional teaching. As a member of the supervisory board of a cooperative called "WAG-Assistenzgenossenschaft" she promotes... Read full bio